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If the future is electric then the future arrives now at the 2019 Ottawa Gatineau International Auto Show.

This year look for a record number of electric, and hybrid vehicles at the Auto Show. The cost of producing electric vehicles and plug-in hyrbids continues to drop and the technology keeps improving. The result is electrics and hybrids that are more affordable than ever, with unprecedented range. It is now common for affordable all electric vehicles to travel over 380 kms on a single charge.

Yes you will see Tesla represented at this year's show, but you will also see electric vehicles from almost every other major automaker. 

See hydrogen powered cars, PHEV's, high performance electric cars, the world's best selling electric vehicles, and affordable all electrics with price points that are comparable to gasoline powered cars, that are making electric cars truly practical, and part of mainstream motoring for the very first time.


Many of the world's biggest car companies are gearing up for an all electric future, and at the Ottawa Gatineau Interanational Auto Show, we're right in step with a world class exposition of today's technology.

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