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March 16 2022

Aston Martin is marking the end of an era with a very limited production run for the new V12 Vantage. Only 333 of the V12 Vantage will be produced, and they've all been spoken for. This is, needless to say a very limited edition model, and this is the end of the line for the V12 Vantage. Production will end with the final 333 cars.

Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer, Tobias Moers, said of the V12 Vantage: “Every great sportscar brand has a hero car. For Aston Martin in more recent years that car has been the V12 Vantage. Right from the moment the first V12 Vantage RS Concept was shown back in 2007 our customers and fans around the world fell in love with the idea of fitting our biggest engine into our smallest and most sporting model. The recipe has been refined over the years with great success, but the essence has remained the same. Now it is time to bring this bloodline to a close, fittingly with the most spectacular example yet – the fastest, most powerful and most dynamically capable V12 Vantage ever. A celebration of its forebears and an embodiment of Aston Martin’s intensifying focus on driving dynamics, it ensures the V12 Vantage goes out on the highest of highs”.

The 2023 model will be the fastest, most powerful Vantage ever. The V12 engine has been used in other models including the DB11 and DBS variants. The engine in this case, has been tuned to match the version used in the V12 Speedster. with 690 horsepower and 555 pound-feet of torque. Power is flows through an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission in the middle and a mechanical limited-slip rear differential. Performance is of course impressive, with the V12 Vantage delivering a Zero to 60 mph time of just 3.4 seconds. Top speed is 200 mph.

New V12 Vantage celebrates proud history of V12-engined sportscars

  • Driving dynamics honed to deliver utmost performance and unmatched enjoyment

  • Limited to 333 units globally and a closed order book due to unprecedented demand

  • The final time a 5.2 litre Twin Turbo V12 will be fitted to the Vantage

  • Outputs of 700PS and 753Nm make this the most powerful Vantage ever

  • Top speed of 200mph, 0-60 in 3.4 seconds

  • Aerodynamic package generates 204kg of downforce at Vmax

  • Dramatic widebody design accommodates 40mm increase in track width

  • Deliveries scheduled to begin Q2 2022

A carbon fibre front bumper, clamshell hood, front fenders and side sills, composite rear bumper and deck lid, lightweight battery and a special centre-mounted twin-exit exhaust system, are all weight saving measures which result in an incredible power to weight ratio of 390PS-per-ton. That's a full 20% better than the V8 powered Vantage.







The driving experience remains the top priority with the V12 Vantage, and that means handling is paramount. That's why the car is equipped with a new adaptive damping suspension system.

The body has been completely updated. It has a wider track, and that body has been widened to accomodate by about 1.6 inches. The front grille is 25% larger than the one found on a normal Vantage, and that bigger grille isn't just for show. It does provide better cooling.

Aerodynamics are essential for a car capable of hitting 200 mph, which is why the front splitter, side skits, and rear wing provide an about 450-pounds of down force when the V12 Vantage hits its maximum speed.

Carbon ceramic brakes, with six piston calipers up front, and four piston calipers in the rear are standard.

Inside the cabin you will find standard semi-aniline leather Sports Plus Seats, with quilted stitching and perforations. Lightweight carbon fiber seats are also available. Aston Martin's Q division is offering customization for those who want something unique either in the cockpit or on the vehicle's exterior.

Striking exterior graphics and liveries are available to select in a range of colourways, as well as a selection of coloured brake callipers and painted wheel finishes. In a way to make the exposed Carbon Fibre elements even more unique, the Q by Aston Martin: Commission service also offers a range of tinted lacquers, helping accentuate the craftsmanship behind the hand-laid carbon fibre panels. The tints change appearance under different lighting conditions; parked in a dark street or under faded light, they appear subtle and understated, but placed under a brighter light, the tint transforms the car with a jewel-like glisten. Options are equally distinctive inside the car. Woven leather or Alcantara seat inserts, trim inlays and the anodised rotary dials found in the centre console can coloured in a way to match or contrast with the exterior body or graphic colour, providing a more subtle injection of colour inside the cabin. With so many design combinations available, it would not be a surprise to see no two cars the same.

Marco Mattiacci, Aston Martin Global Chief Brand and Commercial Officer, adds: “At Aston Martin we build cars, but we sell dreams. That is the magic of this brand. Only a select number of customers around the world can buy the V12 Vantage, yet like all our iconic models, its significance extends far beyond its exclusivity. What’s more, such is the level of bespoke personalisation available via Q by Aston Martin even a car as rare as the V12 Vantage can be made to a specification completely unique to its owner”.

Production is ready to begin with the first cars being delivered in late spring of this year, but of course all 333 have been pre-sold, so if you want one your only hope is to put your name on a very long waiting list and hope there are some pre-buyers who don't follow through with the purchase.


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