Fiat hopes to end electrric vehicle range anxiety with the New Fiat-500 all electric vehicle's power conservation technology. The system conserves battery power using software that works much like lower battery power saving features on cell phones. The New 500 can automatically select its innovative, power-saving mode after detecting a low remaining driving range (approximately 30 miles).

The system smooths out acceleration, limits top speed to 50-miles per hour, and turns off non-essential features like heated seats when batteries drop into the conservation zone. The mode also encourages one-pedal driving, which contributes to a better use of the regenerative braking system . This feature can regenerate up to 30 per cent more energy than conventional braking.

The New 500 has two additional driving modes: Normal and Range. Normal mode provides performance similar to a gasoline powered vehicle, and provides full performance. Range mode, offers a one-pedal driving experience combined with smoother acceleration, without limiting the top speed. In this mode, regenerative braking can be used to bring the New 500 to a complete stop, helping to manage energy efficiency.

The power saving mode kicks in automatically when battery levels are low, but can also be used at any time to conserve power and extend range on long trips. If necessary the power saving mode can also be turned off, and another driving mode selected even if battery levels are low and the powersaving fucntion has self-activated.

Charging times are estimated at five-minutes for 30-miles. In 35-minutes batteries can be charged to 80-percent capacity.

“While the majority of drivers could comfortably go about their day and genuinely never have to worry about range, we do understand it is one of the key concerns around EV ownership,” said Greg Taylor, Fiat Country Manager.

“This power saving mode will hopefully add an extra layer of comfort to a consumer who might be looking to buy their first electric car. In addition, being able to get 30 miles of charge in just five minutes means drivers won’t be waiting long when they do need to charge.”

The New 500 can cover up to 199 miles (WLTP) on the combined cycle, but can go even further in the city: up to 248 miles on the urban cycle. For more information on range, battery charging, and electric driving visit the website: