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After revealing the first exterior images of the new 2023 G90, Genesis has now released the first official interior images of their redesigned luxury flagship vehicle.

The new G90 is about two inches longer than the outgoing model and sits on a wheelbase that is about one inch longer. There is actually a "long wheel base" version that is being produced too, but it is not yet clear if that version will be sold in North America for the Canadian and U.S. markets.

Premium materials are used throughout the cabin, and of particular note, the new G90 interior uses recycled materials, including recycled newspapers to produce some parts of the interior trim including the "wood" accents and trim. Make no mistake though the interior in the new G90 is high end, and appears to be high quality.

New redesigned Genesis G90 for 2023
2023 GENSIS G90

In 2023 the new G90 from Genesis will come with only engine option: a twin turbo V6, which is mated to an eight speed automatic transmission. The long wheel base version will be offered with an electric supercharger. Horsepower ratings were not available at the time of publication.

The new Genesis G90 for 2023, is loaded with technology. The G90 is equipped with cameras that scan the road ahead, and that video information is sent to a computerized system that automatically raises or lowers the vehicle through an air suspension system based on the road conditions. If the road is smooth the G90 is lowered to improve aerodynamics, which improves fuel efficiency and handling. If the road surface is uneven the vehicle will automaticaly raise itself to protect the undercarriage.

The exterior of the 2023 Genesis G90 is striking. The front grille is dinstinctly Genesis. The front lights are the slimmest ever on a Genesis vehicle, and they are stretched from the the front to the corner and slightly down the side of the car helping to lead the eye from front to back in a sweeping fashion. The lines flow and the new clamshell hood is integrated into the front fenders to eliminate lines and keep the design clean.



The cabin is the quietest ever for a Genesis vehicle. Thick laminated glass, sound deadening materials, and active noise techonology which sends out sound waves at specific frequencies to cancel out road noise all contribute to keeping the cabin quiet for occupants.

Genesis designers say they set out to create a car that would appeal to owners who are driven by chauffers, as well as drivers that prefer to drive themselves.

Slim headlights are a distinct design element, and lead the eye from the front of the G90 to the side profile in a sweeping fashion.

There is a new infotainment system being offered and that is integrated into a variety of systems including a frangrance dispenser that uses Genesis frangrance canisters that can be replaced. There is also fingerprint authentication, a head up display, remote smart pillows, a wireless charger for the rear seat, remote smart park, an integrated dash cam which is accessible through a smart phone, a dual sunroof, high end luxury 22-way front and 16-way rear power seats, an available rear foot massager, and a system to create specific moods through the use of ambient lighting, a 23-speaker Bang & Olufsen stereo system with "virtual venue" 3D surround mode, and the on board fragrance dispenser. The power doors are semi-automated and can be closed with the push of a button in the cabin, or even on the key fob.

The new G90 comes with a standard five seat configuration but there is a VIP Four Seat option that makes use of an enhanced centre console for rear seat passengers which offers more storage space. Video screens mounted on the backs of the front seats are also offered.

The two spoke steering wheel is striking.

The new Genesis G90 will go on sale in mid 2022, as a 2023 model. Exact pricing has not been announced but in typical Genesis fashion expect this luxury car to sell for considerably less that is competitors.

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