Lotus has confirmed the name of all-new sports car: "EMIRA".

The name means, "Commander" or "Leader". Until now the car was simply known by its code name: Lotus 131. The code name was cleverly disguising the real Morse Code. The name was revealed today on the 27th of April, the birthday of Samuel Morse who invented Morse Code.

A teaser video has been released on social media and will be seen on the SST Car Show and through the Autos-360 virtual auto show - as presented by the Ottawa Gatineau International Auto Show.

The name is pronounced ‘E-meer-a’. The word dates back to ancient times where it was used often in a number of languages.

The teaser video shows the new Lotus production facility where prototypes are being produced, as well as some darkened silhouette visuals of the Emira, but the public will need to wait until July 6th to get a first look at the car in full. On July 6th the car will be unveiled at Hethel Norfolk, where the new facility is located and where the car will go into production. Then at the Goodwood Festival of Speed the new Emira will not only be displayed but will be seen in motion.

Lotus says the Emira will not be a hyrbrid. It will be powered by a choice of internal combustion engines making use of the newest technologies to ensure the powertrains are efficient and powerful. Lotus says this is the last time it will launch a new ICE engine and is doing so as part of a new powertrain partnership.

The Emira's design is said to be influeneced by the Lotus Evija hypercar.

Executive Director of Design for Lotus, Matt Windle says of the new Emira: ”It’s the most accomplished Lotus for generations – the perfectly packaged, powered and formed sports car. Beautifully proportioned, shrink-wrapped, but with comfort, technology and ergonomics built in. With a design inspired by the Evija all-electric hypercar, it’s a game-changing Lotus sports car.”

We will keep you posted on what happens in July with new pictures and videos, when the world gets to see the full Emira package for the very first time. -- SST / Autos 360 News.