Everyone remembers the MGB and the Midget, but MG is not what it used to be and the company has now released the first images of a simply gorgeous new roadster called the CYBERSTER.

MG is now based in China. MG announced the Cyberster concept in May of 2020 and now these images have been release ahead of the Shanghai Auto Show. This concept car was created by a team of London based designers who clearly found inspiration in the MG roadsters of yesteryear.

The Cyberster is not an attempt to be retro by any means, but it does take some styling cues from the MG roadsters of the 1960's, including round headlights that open when turned on. MG calls them "Magic Eye Lights".

MG uses creative lighting to make the Cyberster stand out. The front emblem is backlit. It also has a British Themed light show on the back end, that features a Union Jack design.

Inside the cockpit the driver slides in a form fitting seat and is facing five screens. One of the screens in embedded in the middle of the steering wheel which is rectangular. The screens offer various types of information with one serving as the instrument cluster and another providing a rear camera visual.

To start the car a finger scan is required. Range is reported at 500 miles. MG says their electric Cyberster would acclerate from 0-60 in less than three seconds, but of course those numbers are all goals because this is just a concept car. This car is going into production, and could be on the market in one or two years. More will be known after the Cyberster makes its official debut at the Shanghai Auto Show April 21st.